Aireshelta Inflatable Building

Aireshelta have over 20 years experience of providing a rapid shelter response in emergency situations including the Selby rail disaster, the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the Padington Rail Disaster.

No product can have a better commendation than to be used by the emergency services. Not only in the UK, but worldwide, Airesheltas have been used at the majority of the worlds major disasters. The quality of the Aireshelta product has proved itself time and again.

The sport & leisure market is a fast developing new market for Aireshelta. From cricket to motorsport, Aireshelta can manufacture inflatable products that will increase your enjoyment. The Aireshelta manufacturing principle can benefit many companies and none more so than those looking for effective marketing and promotional tools as well as sturdy reliable shelter. Airesheltas really demonstrate their robustness and versatility - their uses are endless - from housing racing cars in the paddock, to housing F22 fighter planes.

Whether it's event tents, domes, arches or dancing air figures, we work closely with the customer in designing the most suitable inflatable for their specific needs.

Not only in the UK, but worldwide, Airesheltas have been used at the majority of the world's major disasters. For the MOD the Aireshelta's uses are endless - from canteens to aeroplane storage - Aireshelta's provide the ideal solution. Recently Aireshelta's have been by Army Recruiting teams at many events up and down the country as a base to promote a career in the forces. These tailor made units in the colours of the regiment really stand out and are an ideal tool for any promotional application.

Attached to each corner of the Aireshelta is a Metal D-Ring which allows a "SPAN STRAP" to be attached at either end of the Aireshelta prior to inflating the Aireshelta. The purpose of the SPAN STRAPS is to help pull inwards the side walls of the Aireshelta during inflation ensuring a rapid deployment. Once the Aireshelta is inflated then the SPAN STRAPS can be detached to eliminate a trip hazard.

The Aireshelta can be supplied with one or two INFLATION TUBES. The INFLATION TUBES are 1 meter in length as standard but can be longer if required. The INFLATION TUBE is fastened to the outlet cone of the inflation fan by a heavy duty strap and carn buckle fastening. When not in use the INFLATION TUBE is stored away within the tube of the Aireshelta and then covered by a velcro fastening flap.

A number of DEFLATION PORTS are situated under the base of the side-walls of the Aireshelta. During the inflation of the Aireshelta it is important that the DEFLATION PORTS are tied off and closed. During the deflation of the Aireshelta the DEFLATION PORTS are opened to allow the internal air to escape quickly therefore speeding up the packing away of the Aireshelta.

Unless specified by the customer, all Aireshelta's are manufactured with a WHITE TRANSLUCENT ROOF area. The TRANSLUCENT roof material allows approximately 80% of natural daylight into the Aireshelta.

Sewn in at regular intervals to each tube in the roof section are FABRIC LOOPS. The LOOPS can be used for hanging lights, notice boards, medical drips etc

A standard feature on all Aireshelta's are the INTERNAL AIR VENTS. A small Velcro fastened flap of material reveals a mesh covered opening which allows cool air to be blown in to the Aireshelta.

A clear Velbex material can be used to incorporate side or roof windows in the Aireshelta. The velbex window sections can be built into one or several tubes of the Aireshelta

POLE LOOPS Situated at each lower internal corner of the Aireshelta are two loops that allow a short aluminium pole to be inserted. This acts as a handle to allow four people to lift each corner of the Aireshelta in the event of having to relocate the unit whilst being inflated. A fifth person is needed to carry the inflation fan.

GROUNDSHEETS are an optional extra. The Aireshelta application will determine the type of GROUNDSHEET to be used. Two types of GROUNDSHEETS can be supplied with the Aireshelta. A permanent, sewn-in sheet or a detachable sheet.

WEATHERPROOF FLAPS are situated at the bottom of the doors. When not in use they are secured by Velcro fastenings. In the event of heavy rain the flaps are released and folded to the outside of the Aireshelta. The rain then runs down the doors, onto the WEATHERPROOF FLAPS and is directed away from the inside of the Aireshelta.

Clear plastic WINDOWS can be built into the doors of the Aireshelta. Each WINDOW has a velcro cover that can be rolled up and stored neatly above the WINDOW


The STANDARD (s) in your Aireshelta consists of one or two centre doors (depending on the size of the Aireshelta). To the sides of the centre doors are side doors which can be rolled back and fastened neatly to one side.The centre soors can also be rolled up and secured at the top by Velcro strips. To fasten the centre doors a DUTCH LACING SYSTEM is used. Zips are not recommended by Aireshelta due to their tendency to jam or break just when you don't want them to. The DUTCH LACE system of fastening the doors is recommended by the army as the best system to use.


All Aireshelta's are supplied with built in heavy duty ANCHOR ROPES. The Heavy Duty ANCHOR ROPES are held in position by a series of loops running over the top of the Aireshelta. Each ANCHOR ROPE can be attached to a HEAVY DUTY STEEL ANCHOR STAKE that is supplied with each Aireshelta unit. The ANCHOR STAKES are supplied and packed in their own carry case. A heavy duty hammer is also supplied.

In the event of the Aireshelta being deployed on a hard surface then the VEHICLE STANDING PADS located along the full length of each side of the Aireshelta can be used to park a vehicle or heavy objects on to help secure the Aireshelta into position.

At one end of the Aireshelta, a series of DUTCH LACING LOOPS are positioned to allow two or more Aireshelta's to be connected together. A wide weatherproof flap runs over the top of the LINKABILITY in order to prevent the rain coming through.


The Aireshelta is supplied with a heavy duty Aireshelta. The VALISE is colour coordinated with Aireshelta. Rubber handles are situated at each side of the VALISE to make handling and lifting easy.

A REPAIR KIT is provided with each Aireshelta. The REPAIR KIT contains rolls of material, needle and thread, spare Dutch Laces and eyelets. A colour coordinated carry pouch is also provided to house the REPAIR KIT.

The four carry poles are contained in a specially designed carry bag.

Each Aireshelta is supplied with a detailed step by step manual showing the inflation and deflation method. Training in the operation of the Aireshelta is available to all Aireshelta customers.

For more information or a quotation suited to your requirements call a member of the SP team on 01952 288 999

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