Blue Sensor 'L' Adult Foam ECG Electrode - Pack of 25

Ambu Blue Sensor products are not only the best performing single patient electrodes, they are also the most innovative. A unique construction, advanced production methods, careful and original design, application-specific user features and proven quality make Ambu Blue Sensor products the most reliable and cost-effective electrodes on the market

The large Ambu Blue Sensor 'L' features highly conductive wet gel, superior adhesion and a large measuring area to ensure an optimal signal during stress tests and medium to long term ECG applications

Thanks to the comfortable foam backing, the electrode is gentle to the skin


  • Highly conductive wet gel
  • Superior adhesion
  • Large measuring area
  • Unique offset concept
  • High-quality Ag/AgCl sensor

Blue Sensor's unique offset design helps maintain a stable and uninterrupted signal even is the ECG cable is pulled. This will eliminate movement artifacts, moreover, the offset connector will reduce uncomfortable direct pressure on the patient when attaching cables and will prevent the gel from being squeezed out onto the adhesive surface

The adhesive itself is both skin-friendly and ultra high tack, so electrodes will remain in place even if the patients are sweating

The Sensors are Silver/Silver Chloride and the special wet gel provides rapid reduction of skin impedance which helps avoid baseline drift to ensure a correct ECG the very first time


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