Bioguard Surgical Hand Gel - 70% Alcohol - 500ml Bottle


Highly effective alcohol hand gel, anti-viral and anti-bacterial. Contains Aloe vera to reduce skin damage or irritation.

Trusted and tested for over 15 years, independently tested to BSEN1276 and BSEN1500 and AFNOR, economical to use and with enhanced skin-moisturising properties.

Formulated with cutting-edge research and development, and rigorously tested to British and European standards. These high standards ensure this hand gel is effective for use across many professional healthcare environments.

Our intensive focus on performance delivers a product which is:

  • Highly Effective
    • Tested to British and European Standards BSEN1276. Effective against many viruses, bacteria, mycobacterium and spores.
  • Non-Hazardous
    • Conforming to the latest health and safety legislation.
  • Kind To Skin
    • Formulated to prevent skin irritation or unusual sensitivity. Contains cosmetic-grade plant-based ingredients that assist in replacing the skin oils and lipids, ensuring skin condition isn't compromised.
  • Efficient and Time Saving
    • The combined cleaning and disinfection action removes the need for separate products.
  • Designed For High Risk Environments
    • Professionals’ choice of hand scrub since the early 1990s; widely used in clinical facilities, testing labs and even mortuaries.
  • Flexible And Versatile
    • Can be used as a standalone hand decontaminant in situations where clean water is not available for washing.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    • Independent audits have proven this hand scrub to be nontoxic, biodegradable and non-accumulative, therefore no special treatment is required for disposal.
  • Economically Efficient
    • Superior cleaning action means you use up to 30% less, when compared to rival products.
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