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Ebiox Trionic Concentrated Cleaning Solution - 5 Litre Drum

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Product code: CL/072

NEWS FLASH: Ebiox surface disinfectant, test results:
Proven combatant ability against HIV and Avian Flu

Trionic (part of the Ebiox family of products) has passed tests proving virucidal efficacy against the HIV and Avian Flu ( Bird Flu) viruses.

The tests, conducted by Microbiotest Inc of Sterling, Virginia, USA conclude that using Trionic in a range of different levels of dilution, applicable to the test, the two viruses became undetectable.


"Avian Flu has been described as the number one health threat in the world and huge resources are being channelled at controlling the disease which has a 76% fatality rate. As with HIV, MRSA, SARS and all other deadly diseases, the microbes can harbour on surface areas, hence the need to regularly decontaminate. Trionic, through its unique properties, eradicates all surface microbes and pathogens without the problem of resistant strains forming."

Is your organisation helping in the fight against MRSA?

TRIONIC is a concentrated cleaning and sanitising solution active against antibiotic resistant bacteria responsible for hospital acquired infections.

Use on all hygienic surfaces including floor, walls, tables, furniture and in public access areas.

Specially blended with Ebiox bio film removal and cleaning agents and bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal and tuberculocidal sanitising actives.

TRIONIC is uniquely developed to clean, disinfect and sanitise surfaces to molecular level. Removing and destroying the pathogen loaded bio film and active against odour causing bacteria.

Use on a regular basis for confident protection.


  • Free of phenols, chlorine, alcohol, halogens and aldehydes.
  • Safe on all surfaces not affected by water.
  • Broad spectrum anti bacterial activity.
  • Fast kill minimising development of bacterial resistance.
  • Super concentrate.
  • On going anti-microbic activity.


  • Regular use ensures a safe, clean sanitised, germ and odour free environment.
  • 'Calming' fragrance.
  • Safe, Effective, Efficient.

Dilute with water, 1 part Trionic + to 50 parts water. Apply with a spray, cloth or mop onto all water safe surfaces. Leave for 2-3 minutes if possible then wipe, mop or rinse thoroughly.

5 Litre concentrate in a 'plastic gallon drum'

About Ebiox
Ebiox offers a range of products to healthcare professionals to decontaminate and clean surgical instruments, work tops, stretchers, splints etc.

The Ebiox patented cleansing technology enables all the bio mass, including the ultra thin bio film and embedded pathogenic micro organisms, to be removed from the surface at molecular level.

Convenient, ready to use cleansing, disinfecting, active deodourishing and sanitising spray. Specially impregnated with Ebiox soil lifting agents and bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal and tuberculocidal sanitising actives.

Enormous safety advantage over all other disinfectants. Does not contain alcohol or other irritating vapours. Use with confidence to conveniently control cross contamination on all water safe surfaces.

Fast action against all classes of micro-organisms and viruses including MRSA, CJD, VCJD, HIV and virulent bacteria such as TB. Not to be confused with presently available germicides or disinfectants. Probably the safest and most advanced disinfectant cleaner available.

Use on a regular basis for confident protection. Ideal for use on work surfaces, trolleys, trays, furniture, tiles walls, sinks and instrument tables.

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