ISBN-13: 9781916276402

50 x Haemorrhage Control Guide

External Haemorrhage Control - A Stepwise Approach - Learner's Handbook 

Cover: Gloss Card
Author: Celox Medical
Size: A5
Pages: 100

This book is the latest guide on how to identify bleeding including catastrophic haemorrhage and how to manage it using a stepwise approach in a first aid situation. It provides an understanding of the circulatory system and the various types of wounds that can cause bleeding. It describes how to control life-threatening haemorrhage with the use of haemostatic dressings and tourniquets and enables best practice.


  • Understanding the Circulatory System 
  • First Aid and Emergency Care 
  • Catastrophic Bleeds 
  • Stepwise Approach 
  • Haemorrhage Control Techniques 
  • Celox Range of Haemostats

"39 per cent of pre-hospital deaths might have been preventable with the provision of basic first aid" – Hussain, L.M. and Redmond, A.D. (1994).

“Uncontrolled post-traumatic bleeding is the leading cause of potentially preventable death among injured patients, and the bleeding trauma patient represents a significant financial burden for societies” - R. Rossaint et al. (2016)

“Education and first aid intervention could reduce mortality” - A. McNutty (2016)

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