Cook Intraosseous Infusion Needles

  • IN/093 is by far our biggest selling i/o needle
  • Used as an alternative to intravenous access permitting infusion of drugs and fluids during pediatric emergencies
  • Supplied sterile in peel-open packages
  • Intended for one-time use
  • 45º Trocar tip

Available sizes listed below

G05202    C-DIN-14-3.0-T45        14        3      
G04320    C-DIN-16-3.0-T45        16        3      
G04153    C-DIN-16-4.0-T45        16        4         IN/093 
G04431    C-DIN-18-3.0-T45        18        3      IN/093A
A range of quality sterile disposable suction catheters from 8fg for paediatric use to 18fg for trauma use.

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