Corius Seal™ Wound Dressing

The Corius Seal™ is a single use medical device that supersedes the well-known Nightingale dressing, indicated for use on all patients with acute wounds and bleeding injuries.

The expected clinical benefit of using the device is to cover and protect an acute wound, which helps to prevent further harm and lowers risk of infection, whilst absorbing exudate. For use up to 24 hours.

The Corius Seal is 20 x 15cm and is made of adhesive hydrogel with non-woven spunlace backing and removable plastic liners.

The device has the following key features:

  • Hydrogel adheres to skin securely but can be easily easily removed.
  • Removable plastic liners and non-woven spunlace backing to promote easy application and manipulation.
  • Hydrogel absorbs wound exudate.
  • Dressing is made from light and breathable materials.
  • Robust performance even in extreme environmental conditions.

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