ISBN-10: 0952033933
ISBN-13: 9780952033936

ECG for Paramedics - Dr.Mason

For The UK Ambulance Staff Training Who Are Working Towards Paramedic Status. Informative & Well Laid Out For Easy Reference. Published by Stephen Dolphin.

ECG for Paramedics - By Dr. Andrew Mason

98 full colour pages, A4 Spiral bound

A self-contained guide to taking, reading and analysing ECGs, defibrillation and Paramedic interventions


Chapter 1 The Anatomy & Physiology of the Heart
The Structure and function of the heart, Electrical activity at cellular level, The electrical conduction system of the heart

Chapter 2 The ECG Wave
ECG wave formation, Labelling the QRS complex

Chapter 3 ECG Measurement
Speeds, times and voltages, Intervals and segments of the ECG

Chapter 4 The 12-lead ECG
Unlocking the mysteries of the ECG, Electrical views of the heart

Chapter 5 Making use of the ECG
Cardiac monitoring, Rhythm analysis, Defibrillation by paramedics, Acute myocardial infarction

Chapter 6 Dysrhythmias
25 dysrhythmias, their features, presentation and paramedic responses.

Chapter 7 Cardiac Arrest Algorithms
Electromechanical dissociation, Ventricular fibrillation / pulseless VT, Asystole

Chapter 8 Glossary of Terms
Names and terms defined

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