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Emergency Evacuation Bag with 200 Foil Space Blankets

£235.14 inc VAT
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Product code: FA/596

When buildings are evacuated, which can be for a number of reasons, you can end up with a lot of your customers standing around in car parks (RVP).

If this is an emergency evacuation then your customers and staff might not be dressed for the outdoors, particularly if you work in a hotel, swimming pool, school or leisure centre.

We've seen a very harsh winter this year, but customers can soon turn into patients at any time of year if they're standing around being rapidly cooled by the elements. Are you prepared?

Each kit contains:

  • 200 Silver Foil Space Blankets
  • 1 x Padded Zipped Emergency Bag

Other kit contents and designs are available, please contact us direct to discuss your particular requirements.

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