ISBN-10: 1449693008
ISBN-13: 9781449693008

Emergency Medical Responder - Your First Response in Emergency Care

Author(s): American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, David Schottke
Cover: Paperback
Pages: 514
Edition: 5th Revised
Published: 2012
Publisher: Jones and Bartlett

Updated to the new National EMS Education Standards and endorsed by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the fifth edition of our core first responder textbook, Emergency Medical Responder, continues to take an assessment-based approach to emergency medical responder training. Designed to meet the needs of law enforcement personnel, fire fighters, rescue squad personnel, athletic trainers, college students, and laypersons, the text and features found in the fifth edition will help students take the next step toward becoming outstanding Emergency Medical Responders.

The experienced author team and the AAOS medical editors have transformed the Education Standards into a training program that reflects best practices in prehospital medicine. Current, state of the art medical content has been incorporated along with new cognitive and didactic material, and skills and features, to create a robust and innovative training solution for your course that will engage student's minds.

Interactive resources, including online testing and assessment materials, learning management system, and eLearning student resources, allow you the flexibility to build the course that works best for you and your students. The Fifth Edition is the only way to prepare law enforcement personnel, fire fighters, rescue squad personnel, athletic trainers, college students, and laypersons for the challenges they will face in the field.

  • Concept Reinforcement: The Fifth Edition is built on the premise that students need a solid foundation in the basics and then appropriate reinforcement. For example, the Patient Assessment chapter fully details every step of the patient assessment process. Each medical and trauma chapter then revisits this process and discusses elements of patient assessment that may require extra attention when presented with particular emergencies.
  • Clear Application to Real-World Medical Response: Each chapter in the Fifth Edition includes four independent case studies that offer students a genuine context for the application of knowledge presented in each chapter. This approach makes it clear how the information learned in the chapter will be used to help patients in the field.
  • A full chapter on Environmental Emergencies addresses response to heat, cold, and drowning emerge.

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