Ferno PowerX Ambulance Trolley

Designed to bring powered ambulance trolley standards to another level, the Ferno PowerX Ambulance Trolley enhances both form and function of traditional X-frame trolleys, as used on ambulances equipped with tail-lifts or ramps. 

Developed to improve the manoeuvrability, functionality and operation of today’s ambulance trolley and improving the patient’s experience during critical ambulance transfers, it has a number of important core features and benefits:

  • Reduced weight – faster and easier to manoeuvre, reduced operator injury risk, with direct cost savings due to reduced gross vehicle weight in the ambulance
  • Enhanced manoeuvrability – with better weight distribution and incorporating improved wheel configuration, in combination with features such as ergonomic push-poles & push/pull handles and optional touch-button directional wheel locks, make it simply easier to move
  • Minimised in form, but not in function – lighter by design, easier to clean with improved IPC, easier to maintain, with an impressive overall visual aspect
  • Power that is dependable and reliable – utilising well-proven lithium-Ion battery technology, which is quick to recharge and long-lasting both during its daily operation and throughout it’s life-span
  • First-rate in confined spaces – telescopic shortening of both head and foot-end operating handles makes PowerX extra manoeuvrable in tight locations, plus integrated bump-wheels on all 4 corners safeguard against those inevitable knocks, bumps and scrapes down hospital corridors
  • Configurability – an integral side-rail interface allows a host of options and accessories to be easily attached to PowerX, allowing the trolley to be configured according to the immediate requirements
  • Flexible functionality – can be easily reconfigured according to altering needs, from an A&E trolley, to Specialist Care, to Bariatric, all from one single trolley design
  • Integrated infection control - clean lines, wipe-clean pressure reducing AB mattress, biosafe patient restraints and anti-bacterial paint surfaces all contribute to a high level of safety and infection control
  • Operator-friendly – simple-to-use controls, improved manoeuvrability, various methods of handling the trolley according to differing operator preferences and techniques, PowerX has also been designed with the paramedic and technician in mind
  • Safety and cost-saving considerations – PowerX, combined with the lightest-ever new two-part lock range, will save fuel and CO2 emissions, and is dynamically tested and certified to BS EN 1789.
  • Other features and accessories:
    • Push-Poles (at both head and foot-end) Directional wheel locks at head-end
    • Backrest monitor hook
    • CD/ZA O2 cylinder holder
    • Detachable head-rest
    • Winch-link for assisted loading on ramps

Developed based on the feedback from the end user, the Ferno PowerX is the lightest powered trolley on the pre-hospital market, ergonomically designed for enhanced handling and manoeuvrability, making it easier and safer for the operator and improving patient outcome.

Configurable and feature-rich in design, with the latest technology at your fingertips the Ferno PowerX addresses and fulfils the needs of today’s ambulance trolley.

There are a range of configurations available for the Ferno PowerX Ambulance Trolley. To discuss your requirements please call 01952 288 999 or email: sales@spservices.co.uk.

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