Flectalon Rescue Stretcher Blanket

The Flectalon Rescue Stretcher Blanket is constructed form a unique material originally used to line incubators for prematurely born infants. Flectalon combines three principles;

  • It isolates, cold does not enter
  • It reflects, most of the body heat (the heat that is inside the insulation)
  • It ventilates, does not get to hot


Designed to combat hypothermia and treat shock in the most adverse weather conditions this blanket provides instant warmth to the casualty, allowing a safe body temperature to be restored and maintained.

The lining is waterproof whilst the outer fabric is breathable making it suitable for use in damp or wet conditions.

  • Weight: 3.1kg
  • Length: 229cm
  • Minimum Length: 61cm
  • Maximum Load: 150kg

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