GO-IO Intraosseous Start Kit


The GO IO fast access kit contains essential medical supplies needed to establish immediate intraosseous access in emergency situations. All components are suitable for IV procedures and are consolidated into a single package, saving space and reducing the risk of contamination, thus facilitating critical time-sensitive procedures.


  • IO Needle Fixation: secures needle stabilizer to the insertion site
  • Secure IV: crucial for a successful IO or IV procedure; functions as a constricting band as wells as an IV securing device, preventing IV line displacement
  • GO IO Info: logs important patient medical information such as volume and dosage of fluids, as well as drugs administered
  • 2 Alcohol Prep Pads: local antiseptic
  • 1 Extension Set w/ Stopcock: enables connection with an intravenous fluids bag
  • 90° Angle Luer Lock: features male and female ports, enabling simultaneous access of drugs and infusion bag


  • IO essentials consolidated into a si ngle package to promote a successful intravascular procedure
  • Reduces the risk of contamination
  • Saves valuable time
  • Facilitates a s afe and seamless IO procedure



The NIO Fixation provides simple and secure IO stabilization, preventing potential dislodgement and ensuring a successful IO procedure. Its unique clover shape adds flexibility and adaptability to various IO insertion sites, including cylindrical sites such as the humeral head. The NIO Fixation is durable enough to function under adverse conditions and adheres to skin despite water, sweat, or debris, ensuring the needle remains stable. The NIO Fixation is a crucial component of any IO pr ocedure in any environment - hospital or field.


  • Flexible and adaptable to various IO insertion sites
  • Secures and stabilizes the IO needle
  • Easy application
  • Key component of a succes sful IO procedure
  • Functional under adverse envir onmental conditions


The Secure IV functions as an IV constricting band as well as an IV securing device, enabling quick and easy IV access while preventing accidental line pulls. It utilizes the simplicity of a flexible Velcro® strap which can be adjusted to fit each casualty, combined with a quick-click connector for securing an IV line on wrists, arms, or legs. The device is effective on wet, sweaty, or dirty skin, in emergency situations and in field environments. Lightweight and compact, the Secure IV fits in any paramedic kit, while its unique features make it an ideal solution for challenging situations. The ability to rapidly achieve and maintain IV access prior to transport is a critical component of casualty stabilization. The Secure IV’s innovative design ensures that first responders are able to quickly stabilize casualties and save lives.


  • Quick-click connector with a double secure line feature
  • For use obtaining intr aosseous access as well as IV access
  • Ideal for field and pr e-hospital care
  • Compact and disposable
  • Two IV applications in one device - constricting band and Secure IV
  • Quickly secur e an IV line, even on wet, sweaty, or dirty skin
  • Noninvasive, painless removal
  • Eliminates the need for tape

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