Heine EL10 LED Examination Light

The Heine EL10 LED Examination Light is stationary and yet flexible. Bright and yet homogeneous. Position, brightness, and spot size can be adjusted with one hand. LED – economical with high colour fidelity.

The new EL10 examination light combines many characteristics that facilitate everyday working life. Only a few lights are as bright, none are as homogeneous as ours. Illumination without compromises for every application.

    • Light intensity can be regulated continuously between 6,500 and 45,000 Lux. Spot size can be adjusted in a diameter between 8.5 and 14 cm to suit any situation, both at a working distance of 30 cm
    • Controls with ergonomic grip allows for intuitive and fast adjustment of brightness and spot size. The timeless, puristic design blends harmoniously into any modern practice environment
    • The compact illumination head (Ø app. 60 mm) allows an almost coaxial illumination, particularly in difficult application situations
    • To be able to discern even the slightest abnormalities, it is necessary to properly illuminate the object being examined. It’s not a question of utilizing the brightest LED available, but utilizing the right LED and combining it with the optical system of the instrument to achieve the optimum brightness for the examination. This is guaranteed with all of our HEINE LEDHQ instruments.
    • A precision optical system with three specially aligned lenses produces an absolutely homogeneous and sharply focused field of illumination.
    • In order to obtain an authentic colour temperature, we hand select every 10 Watt high performance LED. This effort enables us to guarantee that each EL 10 LED produces the same light pattern. Colour Rendering Index > 85. Result: Red is red, blue is blue.
    • A heat conducting foil and an aluminium heat sink conduct the heat away from the LED and thereby guarantee a consistent luminosity and performance throughout the LEDs’ lifetime.
    • At HEINE our philosophy is to provide the very highest quality products, which translates to the best value for our customers. That’s why our LEDs have a virtually unlimited working life and deliver the same performance from the date of production throughout its lifetime (up to 30,000 hours)
  • Electrical control system monitors all functions & guarantees safety
  • Perfect mounting for every application – table mount, wall mount or on a wheeled stand for mobile use
  • Easy & efficient to clean & disinfect
  • Coiled goose neck keeps the light exactly in the required position

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