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ITLS Military 2nd Edition Manual

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Product code: BO/834
ISBN-10: 1256901733
ISBN-13: 9781256901730

Author(s): John Campbell, with contributions by William Pfeifer and James R. Miller
Military Content Editor:Andrew Kagel, MD
Cover: Softback
Published: January 2014

The all-new ITLS Military 2nd edition manual combines the fundamentals of ITLS trauma assessment and treatment with recent military innovations utilized in the world’s current war zones.

The demands and limitations of providing effective trauma care in a combat situation necessitate special adaptations of trauma assessment and treatment used in the civilian medical system.

Adapts proven techniques taught in the civilian ITLS course to the military environment where limited resources are the rule, not the exception.

Developed by military medical providers from medics to physicians, incorporating their recent combat experiences

  • Military program and design
  • Military case studies in each chapter
  • Military photos
  • Pearls words of wisdom from experienced providers
  • Accompanied by dedicated ITLS Military CD ROM with scenario-based practice questions, additional trauma photos, interactive activities, and video clips


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