O-Two Ventilation Training Package

The Ventilation Training Package from O-Two is a complete ventilation training solution designed to maximise your budget.

CPAP Respiratory Aid - Pack of 10

The CPAP system is a disposable respiratory aid device intended to provide non-invasive ventilation to the patient in respiratory distress. The device provides a constant positive airway pressure in the patients lungs throughout the respiratory cycle. • Single-Use “Open CPAP” Delivery System• Provides incredibly accurate CPAP delivery• Minimises pressure drop on inspiration and the peak pressure on expiration• Produces a more uniform CPAP pressure throughout the respiratory cycle

E500 Electro Pneumatic Ventilator

The e500 transport ventilator provides trained individuals with a safe and effective means of providing controlled ventilation during patient transport, respiratory and/or cardiac arrest.•  The e500 ventilators are specifically designed for the demands  of emergency, rescue, resuscitation and critical patient transport•  The addition of CPAP improves the flexibility of use for this model•  Simple & quick set up provides a range of 12 normal tidal   volume/ventilation frequency settings for children over 15kg to  large adults• Provides excellent low gas consumption, long battery  operation (18 hours) & light weight (2.4kg)

SMARTBAG Training Analyzer

The Mini Ventilation Training Analyzer demonstrates the correct ventilation technique for using a BVM resuscitator & the complications of gastric insufflation associated with incorrect technique.If they squeeze the BVM too quickly or forcefully, the high pressure they generate (due to high air flow from the BVM) will cause air to enter the stomach through the calibrated Lower Esophageal Sphincter.• Calibrated “Lower Esophageal Sphincter”• Simulated stomach• Calibrated Test Lung with compliance    band & normal airway restriction• 22/22mm BVM connector• 30 mm “Stomach” connector• Unique lung connector• Controlled Manual BVM Resus    & Easy Grip BVM Resuscitator

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