PAX Emergency Rucksack 1 - Red

The PAX Emergency Rucksack is a robust, compact, waterproof backpack perfect for the mobile ICU and they have extended their basic model by including 3 practical side pockets. You can use this water dome for a 2-backpack system and divide it up clearly and variably.

On the front of the backpack PAX have integrated an extra-long, flat compartment and behind this compartment you access the separate document compartment via a side zipper.

This backpack shows its true organisational talent in the body. You can arrange PAX inside pockets very freely in the body. The backed Velcro strips sewn into the edges and concealed hold them securely in place. In the body frame they have attached some wide rubber band loops all around. There are also flat transparent pockets in the frame and all PAX water dome rubber strap loops are marked either red for circulatory protection material or blue for respiratory protection material.

You can carry your PAX water dome crosswise or lengthwise, because it has two handles and they are easy to disinfect and can be grasped immediately, even in a hurry, thanks to their striking colour. You can remove the shoulder straps and replace them yourself if they have become dirty. The firmly riveted feet of the PAX water dome create a distance to the ground. When you completely open the backpack, the main zipper sliders enter a zipper garage made of a particularly durable material. This increases their service life and protects them from abrasion.

Safe is safe: That's why the Emergency Rucksack has 5 sides with reflective strips. Together with the PAX triangle on the front and back, they achieve a clear warning effect.

Key Features

  • Standard Emergency Backpack with 1 front pocket compatible with the POS system.
  • 3 side pockets which means small items are very handy to grab.
  • Well thought-out corpus.
  • Practical design with two ways to carry.
  • Unmissable as it is reflective on 5 sides.
  • Dimensions: 53.5 x 57 x 33cm
  • 3.15kg in weight
  • Maximum capacity 60ltr

Item is supplied unkitted and without the extra pouches.


“I tested the Pax Emergency Rucksack recently at the London Marathon. I was part of a Forward Incident Team and spent most of the day running around Canary Wharf attending incidents ranging from heatstroke to Cardiac Emergencies. I found the Pax bag extremely comfortable to carry for long periods, mainly helped by the wide shoulder straps and waist strap. On attending incidents, the contents of the bag could be deployed quickly to assist the patient, thanks to the well-designed equipment board and colour – coded pouches. I would thoroughly recommend this product to anyone working in a pre-hospital environment. I really didn’t want to hand it back!!!!......”

Andrew Black
Emergency Ambulance Attendant”
St John Ambulance


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