PhysiCool Combi Pack, 160ml of Coolant & 1 Cooling Bandage

Physicool is a new, unique stretchy reusable bandage that combines cooling with compression and works by drawing heat out by rapid evaporation, as opposed to most other products that work by driving cold in. Physicool gives instant treatment for inflammation and bruising of muscles, tendons and ligaments combined with a long lasting cooling effect even after the bandage has been removed.

The extensive research and testing of Physiocool was carried out over a two year period. Our latest test results were taken when using the most-up-to-date thermal imagery technology at a Gym in Dubai.

By applying Physicool to the lower leg area the temperature was reduced by 7°C in 10 minutes. This allowed the leg to cool using a slower process, avoiding more traditional ice methods that can cause ice burns and other damage. In total a measurement of 10°C was recorded as the temperature continued to fail over a 15 minute period.

Once the bandage was removed the area continued to stay cold for over an hour thereafter, giving the athlete approximately four hours of pain relief.

Physicool has been tested on over 240 athletes covering a wide range of disciplines all of whom found it to be an excellent First Aid essential.

  • Reusable cooling bandage
  • No need for refrigeration
  • Quickly reduces swelling and pain
  • Easy to apply, even one handed
  • Helps speed up the healing process



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