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Reel Extrication Traction Splint Immobiliser - Model 9801

£744.00 inc VAT
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As an EMS professional you're trained to immobilise knee dislocations and lower extremity fractures regardless of how awkward they may look or how difficult it may be. As a significant part of this reality, the knee joint must always be "frozen" in place, because it is either the injury site, or the joint above or below the injury site. Of course this also includes the fixation of injuries prior to extrication where uncontrolled movement can have its most damaging and unpredictable effects. Like many of the things "you're supposed to be doing", it's much easier said than done.

We now know the overall stabilisation of the lower extremity is much more important than previously considered. Some of us are surprised to learn, it is a skill set vitally important to your patient's outcome and general morbidity. The "uncontrolled" manipulation or reduction of an injured knee or angulated lower extremity is dangerous and commonly induces greater pain and sometimes permanent injury.

Your orthopedic surgeon or emergency room personnel recognise many of these facts; as they prefer to see injuries delivered in the "original" position encountered. They know the patient's "mechanism of injury" can be better determined prior to interventional and "controlled clinical reduction" in a "controlled clinical setting." As field medics, your uncontrolled manipulations or expedient field reductions are what you want to avoid whenever and wherever possible. You're also encouraged to stabilise "above and below" all injury sites. Why is this so important? Some of us don't know, or forget about, a common problem called "foot drop syndrome". Foot Drop is a significant and common field result associated with increased patient morbidity. Avoiding Foot Drop means you must routinely secure the joint distal to any injury (more commonly the ankle below the knee). If you are not getting this done routinely, an important element of patient care is not being fulfilled.

The Reel Splint Immobiliser delivers on all these, and many more, time-honoured splinting practices. At last, you'll be able to splint routinely in an effective manner - "in the presenting position" - more quickly and effectively then ever thought possible. You'll have our complete assurance as well as your own, that your pledge to deliver the most effective "standards of care" will be met; but more importantly you'll be making a big difference.

Important Reel Splint Immobiliser features to consider:

  • EXTRICATION HANDLES - ideal for patient and extremity management
  • WOUND VISULISATION AND TREATMENT - unique strap design allows complete and total access
  • LIMB REPOSITIONING - adapts readily for patient comfort or neuro-vascular restoration
  • FOLDING DESIGN - for storage, autoclavable as well.


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