Reeves Sleeve Rescue Stretcher Mk2 Military Version

NSN 6530-01-477-8525

Open: 73"L x 24"W
Folded: 24" L x 12" W x 5" H
Weight: 30 lbs (with Reeves Spine Board); 18 lbs (without Reeves Spine Board)
Colours: Orange (RSS0014);

Ten (10) padded carry handles allow personnel to manoeuver through the narrowest of openings. For additional support, the Reeves Sleeve II includes a reinforced bottom, removable Velcro head-securing blocks, adjustable head- and chin-securing straps, a chest- and arm-securing flap with Velcro, a leg-securing flap with Velcro and a spine board compartment for added strength and rigidity. Six (6) chest and leg straps with buckles and a yellow "fail-safe" strap are added for additional security

Rescue Stretcher

The Reeves Sleeve is designed to take any Spineboard, Scoop stretcher, Bi-fold metal backboard or any narrow sturdy makeshift device and turn it into a complete Rescue Stretcher. The board slides inside the Sleeve and is secured using the buckles provided. The patient can then be secured into the stretcher using the straps which are integrated into the Sleeve. Even the head immobiliser is integrated into the unit. Once the patient is secured, you have a fully functioning Rescue Stretcher with the features of a spine board. The Stretcher can be lifted horizontally using a four person lift, a helicopter lift using the seamless rings on each corner or a vertical lift using the lifting harness provided.

Confined Space Rescue Stretcher

The Reeves Sleeve does not have to be used with a Spine board. On its own it is a fully functioning rescue stretcher but without the restrictions of rigidity. The patient can be put in the stretcher and once secured, can be dragged, lifted or pulled through confined areas with minimal effort. The stretcher will protect the casualty and ensure tight corners can be negotiated with little effort.


  • The Reeves© sleeve can be combined together with an existing spineboard to create a new cost-effective confined space immobilisation tool
  • Conforms with OSHA standards dealing with emergency rescue equipment in confined space and construction
  • Designed for rapid patient immobilisation in spinal and neck injuries
  • Constructed of 0.5kg vinyl laminated nylon
  • Resists acids and stains, easily decontaminated
  • Suitable for vertical & horizontal lift extrication
  • Helicopter hoist capability
  • Lightweight compact design - 6kg
  • Assists in spinal immobilisation with patient comfort and safety
  • Load capacity of 682kg with spineboard
  • The patented Reeves© sleeve is complete patient packaging in an easy to store format
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