RhinoPinch Nasal Clips - Pack of 30

The RhinoPinch is a two layered durable cushioned adjustable plastic, comfortable, nose clip that applies pressure to the nose area (just below the bridge of the nose) in order to stop the flow of blood during a nosebleed (Epistaxis).

The nose clip is individually wrapped and is made from a single piece of moulded plastic with ten adjustable catch points to fit all nose sizes. It also exerts the right amount of pressure to halt nose blood flow while still comfortable.

Although not usually serious, nose bleeds can be very annoying if experienced on a regular basis. The RhinoPinch nasal clip is easy to use, does not hurt and can halt the nose bleed within 10 minutes.

The nasal clip was developed by MDTi in conjunction with Clinical Teaching and Research Fellow Dr Akuafo Agbenyega in partnership with NHS Ayrshire & Aran and Scottish Health Innovations Ltd and carries NHS Scotland Endorsement.


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