Simulaids SMART STAT Basic with IPAD

The Simulaids SMART STAT Basic with IPAD is an affordable patient simulator takes ALS training into the students’ environment.

Instructors can evaluate student knowledge, skill levels, and critical thinking abilities by utilising the applications via the iPad.

This simulator can function in the lab and in the field for ascertaining diagnostic ability. Student performance records can be transferred to a computer, and chronological scenario event logs can be printed.

SMART STAT Basic has an on-board air compressor, and includes iPad programming, storage for students’ performances, spontaneous breathing, pulses, blood pressure, carotid and femoral pulses, normal and emergent heart and lung sounds, 12 pulse points synchronized with the heart, EKG interpretation and cardiac treatment, IV and drug therapy, tension pneumothorax treatment, chest tube insertion with simulated drainage, and advanced difficult airway maintenance.

SMART STAT Basic with, an iPad, USB cable, blood pressure cuff, hard carry case, shorts, battery leg, and a supply of replacement parts.

  • 12 Pulse Points
  • Advanced IV arm
  • Bilateral Tension Pneumothorax
  • Oral and nasal intubation
  • Tongue edema & laryngospasm
  • Crichothyrotomy
  • 4 lead ECG monitoring and defib
  • CPR
  • Upper teeth break out
  • Inflation of pulses and pneumothorax
  • Bilateral chest tube insertion with simulated fluid discharge
  • IM injection site on deltoid
  • Left and right lungs and stomach that distends
  • All of these Manual STAT features, plus:
  • iPad App
  • 220 volts a/c power cord
  • Instructor controls scenario from iPad
  • No external air compressor
  • Heart and lung sounds selection
  • Blood pressure variable in left arm
  • Drug list from AHA
  • Dimensions:
    • 142 x 71 x 30cm
    • Weight: 56.7kg

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