Spencer Jet Compact Suction Unit - 300ml

The Jet Compact is a reliable portable medical suction device used to remove fluids from the airways.

The device creates negative pressure (suction) and extracts fluids through a single use tube connected to the collection vase. The fluids are then trapped in the vase prior to the appropriate elimination.

This suction device is ideal for use in the emergency field, during transport or in the hospitals. You will be surprised by its compact and lightweight versatility. The motor, which does not require any special maintenance, guarantees a flow of 32 L/min at -550 mm Hg. The device is also appreciated in hospitals and home care for its low noise emissions and vibrations reduced to a minimum.

Its professional design makes it just as easy to position in a hospital as in an ambulance and/or in a rucksack. Impressive suction performance in a portable device with decisively minimal dimensions and extremely reduced weight. Its small dimensions make it particularly ideal for use inside a rucksack or emergency bag.

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