The AAT - Abdominal Aortic Tourniquet

The Abdominal Aortic Tourniquet (AAT) is the first device to provide stable and complete occlusion of flow of blood to the lower extremities. It has 510(k) approval from the FDA for difficult to control inguinal haemorrhage. It is applied to the mid-abdomen, tightened and inflated and may remain on for up to an hour safely.

Initially developed for military applications, the AAT is now being implemented domestically. When in operation, the device is wrapped around the patient’s upper or lower torso and tightened using a windlass for stability. It is then inflated using a wedge-shaped bladder that indicates when a sufficient pressure has been reached by displaying a green strip.

While originally designed to stop blood loss in the pelvis and upper legs by providing compression at the aortic bifurcation, it has also successfully been used around the upper body to stem a severe haemorrhage caused by a bullet wound. The AAT can be applied in under a minute and has been tested as safe for use for up to an hour when applied to a lower junctional haemorrhage.

Difficult bleeds in the inguinal region continue to be a significant source of morbidity and mortality on the battlefield. Providing solutions for treating these wounds have direct life saving results. Wounds to the pelvis and inguinal region are now preventable causes of death.

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