Viral Filter for Use with BVMs or Entonox Sets - Single

These electrostatic filters use a medium constructed of permanently bipolar charged rectangular split fibres which are able to capture airborne particles. This type of filter is recommend for applications where high efficiency and low pressure drop is required. It offers excellent efficiency for anaesthetic breathing filters and pulmonary filters.

The filters provide 99.999% efficiency within a compact, light weight rounded design ideal for patient end use with an ET Tube or Laryngeal Mask Airway.

Bi-directional protection, both the patient and the equipment.

The 22M/15F connectors comply to BS EN ISO 5356 standard. The design of the filter connectors prevents fitting of filter in the wrong direction within the system.

The light weight filter and HMEF reduces the drag on breathing system.

The rounded shape with no sharp edges, reduces the risk of leaving pressure marks on the patient.

Also available in a case of 100

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