02 March 2016

2016 Edition of JRCALC Due Out This Month

2016 Edition of JRCALC Due Out This Month

Often referred to as just the JRCALC book, the new UK Ambulance Service Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) 2016 Pocket Book is due to be published in early/mid March 2016. This will replace the previous edition from 2013.

The A4 book version is due out at the end of March, the exact date has yet to be confirmed but you can rest assured that because of our bulk buying power, we will be one of the first to get them into stock.

The new 2016 UK Ambulance Services Clinical Practice Guidelines provide guidance for both NHS and independant paramedics throughout the UK; although the principles are applicable to all clinicians who work in the pre-hospital and emergency arena.

The guidelines are an important part of clinical risk management and ensure uniformity in the delivery of high quality patient care. As such, they form the basis for UK paramedic training and education.

STOP PRESS 14/03/2016 
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