18 March 2021

A year in life of working during the Covid pandemic!

A year in life of working during the Covid pandemic!

It’s been over a year since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, which tragically has claimed millions of lives and changed the way in which each and every one of us navigates the world. Today, March 23rd, 2021 marks the one-year anniversary since the country went into the first national lockdown.



This bold move by the Prime Minister signalled something serious, but something that our key workers and frontline medical professionals had already been battling for months before this point.

This week, here at SP Services we’re taking a moment to recognise all of those that got us through what was undoubtably one of most challenging years any of us have experienced as a collective. We are going to be reflecting on the changes we’ve made within our professional lives, as well as our personal lives and the challenges we’ve overcome whilst living in this pandemic for 12 whole months.

Today, we want to highlight our amazing team members who made it possible for SP Services to continue servicing the NHS and frontline workers throughout the entirety of the pandemic.

How has the pandemic impacted our lives these past 12 months?

From remote working, social bubbles and home schooling to operational and procurement changes, we take a look at our amazing team at SP Services who have excelled themselves this past year. We caught up with many people across all departments of SP Services to hear about their adaptions and changes a year on since the first national lockdown.

Scottie, our Warehouse Manager tells us that he is ‘so proud and thankful for everything our warehouse team at SP services has achieved during this very different and challenging roller coaster of a year.’

Warehouse workers became key workers during lockdown!

He continues with ‘Without question we all realised from the outset of the pandemic that what we achieved in the warehouse on a daily basis would play an essential role in keeping people safe and supplying equipment to the blue light sector and NHS (gold star for all of them) during this very demanding and unpresented time.’

A huge shout out to the Warehouse team that aside from helping fight the pandemic they also seamlessly got on with the core business outside of coronavirus, each and every single day. With ever-changing Covid regulations and added pressures from the fear of possible job losses, anxiety about family’s jobs, financial securities, children out of school, hoping that the shop hadn’t run out of toilet rolls when they finished work… they got on with it and never dropped our standards.

Scottie would like to take this opportunity to provide a shout out for a few members of his team including:

- Dan Scotts on passing his NVQ Level III in Warehousing this year (bring on online training)!

- Jamie and Dan Scotts for working the weekend before Christmas to ensure our dedicated support as a supplier to    the NHS vaccination programme.

- Ash Willmore for passing his driving test in between tier restrictions, lockdown pressure and                                          social distancing measures!

- Cheryl Woodfine for juggling work AND home schooling at a very demanding time.


Well Done to all of you!

Amy Owens, our Finance Manager tells us that since the start of the first lockdown the finance team adapted and completely changed their processes to go almost paperless (aside from Purchase ledger) in their department. Not only are they now not lost under mounds of paper our finance team are helping SP in striving towards our goals of promoting sustainability throughout the business.

Due to our finance team being split between the office and working from home (with added home schooling on the rise for some members of the team), Amy tells us that ‘regular contact with each other way key in helping each other get through and keeping each other’s spirits and morale high. Through this we found new ways of communicating and helping each other.’

Great work finance team!

We spoke to Vicki Blair, Marketing Manager at SP Services and she tells us, ‘This last year has brought our entire team closer together, even though we have been working further apart with working from home and social distancing we have found better ways to communicate and on a more regular basis. We are Zoom/Team’s pros, and I couldn’t be more thankful for the support that the entire team has given me whilst working from home with a now 2-year-old.’




The marketing department at SP has all worked from home from the beginning of the lockdown and they have been extremely resilient in adapting to the changes in the last year, Vicki continues with, ‘I want to give a humungous thanks to Katie Angilletta and Leon Dean who have worked so hard this past year, I couldn’t have got through without their help. Both Katie and Leon have moved to a new house (Katie is in the middle of renovating a house top to bottom) during the lockdown and have still given 110% every day! I will miss Nuds (Katie’s Frenchie) snoring in the background of our Zoom calls when we’re all back in the office, but I’m sure you won’t miss Scarlett’s screaming tantrums (my daughter)!’

Awesome work Marketing!

‘From the Operational side of the business, I am very proud of my team’s achievements during covid-19 and lockdown restrictions’ Jane Wilson, our Operations Director tells us and continues with ‘Under very difficult circumstances all of the team have excelled themselves, utilizing their unique skills and experience.’

A huge shout out to Jane’s team:

- Lenni McGlynn successfully completed her NVQ Level 2 Apprenticeship and has recently signed up for her Level 3 qualification. Lenni completed all of this whilst working in our Customer Services department in Telford and looking after our website customers.

  • - Natalie Rowley was successful in achieving a placement at Wolverhampton University where she is now studying Design. Natalie still works in our Customer Services team on Thursday and Friday, so is still here to help out our team.


Jane continues to recognise all of the hard work that her team have showed throughout the pandemic… ‘Our Customer Services and Business Development Team have adapted brilliantly to pod working and remote working. Each and every individual has shown a fantastic resilience and the tremendous teamwork we have always had at SP Services has really shown me what a fantastic team we have.’

Our Sales Team have dealt with difficult conversations with customers who were suffering from covid-19 and customers who’s relatives were suffering from the virus. The team have also listened to heart-warming stories of members of the public calling on their elderly neighbours every day to make sure they are staying safe and well.

Jane says ‘I am immensely proud of how professionally they have all dealt with very difficult conversations. A huge thank you to Steve, Drags, Lucinda and Jules in our Business Development Team, and Kully, Lenni, Julia and Natalie in our Customer Services Team.’

Jane would also like to take this opportunity to thank Cheryl Woodfine, our Quality Assurance Assistant who has also been extremely busy ensuring all of the documentation and safety checks have been verified – an absolutely vital role over the last 12 months, and Cheryl has spent most of her time remote working.

Our Logistics Team have had the challenge of working in their pods, wearing their PPE and ensuring that the orders are despatched on time to our key workers within the NHS.

Our Warehouse Manager Scottie has been responsible for the health and safety on our site and has done a fabulous job in keeping us all safe and well. Alongside that, our staff have been vigilant in ensuring the safe distancing measures have been adhered to, so everybody has played a part in the safety on our site.

Jane ends with ‘A big thank you to our Logistics team - Scottie, Jamie, Dan. Ash, Carl, Tracey, Violetta and Krissy.’

It has been great to take a moment to recognise some of those that got us through the past year (we wish we could mention everyone!) in the life of working in lockdown and hearing about all of the great achievements that many of us at SP have achieved.

Team SP you are awesome!

Thank you for your continued hard work towards the fight of Covid-19!


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