17 April 2015

All SP Branded Products are GS1 Bar Coded

All SP Branded Products are GS1 Bar Coded

The NHS is working to bring in GS1 standards as quickly as possible across a number of arenas, which started with patient identification, and now include unique device identifiers. This makes it important that manufacturers and suppliers to the NHS and Local Government are able to respond to the new tender requirements and supply goods with GS1 barcodes attached. Shortly revisions to the Medical Devices Directive will be stepping up the requirements for track and trace processes. Legislation is coming down the line over the next few years across the world for barcoded unique device identifiers and track and trace data.

Barcoding is increasingly important for businesses in the healthcare industry and new regulations are now in place:

  • In the UK, the Department of Health has mandated the use of GS1 barcoding standards, so every supplier of every product and service into the NHS must comply, across the entire NHS in England
  • In the US, all medical devices entering the US healthcare market must be identified using a UDI (Unique Device Identification)
  • In Europe, there will be similar UDI regulations

All SP branded medical products are already GS1 bar coded

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