16 October 2017

European Restart a Heart Day 2017

The European Restart a Heart Day was founded with the support of the European parliament and takes place on the 16th of October every year. With this campaign we want to create awareness that everyone can learn CPR and facilitate BLS courses in schools and public locations. Below you can download this year's poster and flyer in several languages.

SP Services is pleased to lend it's full support to this important annual event.

Steve Bray, SP's Managing Director said "Any loss of life is tragic, but loosing one because a defibrillator wasn't to hand must be even worse. Some dealths from sudden cardiac arrest are preventable, Restart A Heart Day is a wonderful initiative to help demystify defibrillators and what actions you should take if you find someone collapsed. We particularly support the desire to get schools involved as much as possible as children can show great initiative in an emergency if they've been given the appropriate training and confidence building skills."

We will also be running a number of special offers on products such as defibrillators and training AEDs to help our customers get better access to publicly available defibrillators.

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