03 March 2020

First aid trainer saves life on the M6 with medical gauze used in war zones

First aid trainer saves life on the M6 with medical gauze used in war zones

First aid trainer Simon Heys helped to save the life of a man suffering severe blood loss with specialist gauze used by soldiers in war zones, he revealed at a first aid demo held at the unveiling of the “Knife Angel” statue.

He came to the rescue after stopping at the scene of a car crash on the M6 near Birmingham to find the passenger with a deep wound to his leg, losing huge amounts of blood from an artery.

“He was bleeding quite profusely. It was not dissimilar to a knife wound. I packed it with the Celox Rapid gauze and applied pressure. It’s modified to work quickly to stop the flow of blood.

“It is by far the most effective treatment I have ever come across,” said Simon, of Heys First Aid, who has 35 years experience in the first aid industry, speaking at a CeloxTM Medical equipment demo organised by global medical supplier SP Services

They were in Telford, Shropshire, where the iconic 27ft tall statue made of 100,000 blunted knives stood to tell the story of a different sort of war zone in which 2,474 mainly boys and young men have died of stab wounds in the UK in 11 years from 2007 to 2018*.


*A. The iconic Knife Angel statue, a travelling anti violence monument, towers over first aid trainer Simon Heys, Scout Ben Evans (12) who is learning first aid, and Vicki Blair, of SP Services with the medical packs distributed to first aiders and members of the public.

SP Services MD Simon Leggett, whose company was one of the sponsors to help bring the statue to Telford, said: “This amazing sculpture of tens of thousands of knives handed in to police gives a giant message about the tragedy of the UK’s knife crime epidemic which has resulted in the loss of so many young lives.”

“We asked Simon Heys to come to our stand to show first aiders and members of the public how they can help save lives too if they are on the scene of an incident with people injured.

“He demonstrated how to use the Celox Rapid haemostatic dressing on larger wounds and the method of using chitosan derivative granules, through injecting it into a deep wound, to rapidly form an artificial clot.”

Celox-A, a high- speed delivery system pre-packed with Celox granules, is designed to get through a narrow entry wound, directly to the source of bleeding, in just a few seconds.

The granules absorb bloods fluids, which swell and stick together to create a robust mechanical gel-like clot that plugs the bleeding source.

*B: Celox-A, a high-speed delivery system pre-packed with Celox granules is designed to get through a narrow entry wound, directly to the source of bleeding in just a few seconds.

First responder Atila Hassan (54), a warehouse worker from Birmingham, came to the SP Services stand to receive one of 250 free Celox kits to stem blood flow given out on the day of the statue unveiling.

“I carry my first aid equipment every day wherever I go. You never know when you will need it in this day and age. An ambulance can’t get to you for eight minutes and this is where anyone with first aid training can help save lives,” said Atila, who teaches first aid to scouts.

*C: First responder Atila Hassan receives a free bleeding control pack from Vicki Blair, of SP Services.

Established for more than 30 years, SP Services runs a round-the-clock service from its Midlands HQ in Telford to deliver thousands of items of medical equipment to the NHS, NATO, emergency services, business and industry, security services, sports clubs and many other organisations in the UK and across the world.

Simon and Alife

*D: SP Services MD Simon Leggett (right) receives a National Anti Violence Award from Knife Angel sculptor Alfie Bradley for his company’s support for the statue’s UK tour against violence and aggression.

*F: Celox Marketing Executive Vicky Turner (left) with SP Services Marketing Manager Vicki Blair at the SP Services stand at the unveiling ceremony for the Knife Angel sculpture which will be in Telford throughout March as part of a UK tour.

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