06 April 2017

Historic Field Gun Comes to Bastion House

Historic Field Gun Comes to Bastion House

An antique field gun due to be centre stage in one of the UK’s historical military events arrived late yesterday in Telford, Shropshire… in a surprise visit.

The special delivery aboard a truck from the naval docks at Portsmouth to DMS Whittington near Lichfield made a detour to visit us at Bastion House. We are pleased to be supporting DMS(W) and the legendary Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity Field Gun Competition now celebrating its 110th year.

It’s the ultimate military team sport in which Army, Navy and RAF personnel dismantle, re-assemble and fire 12 pound field guns in a dramatic, fast and furious “gladiatorial” race.

The field gun was briefly displayed this week next to an armoured ambulance which is permanently sited at SP Services’ Bastion House HQ in Hortonwood, Telford.

SP Services is backing the Field Gun Crew of Defence Medical Services, Whittington - near Lichfield, made up of 18 young men and women from all three services who are training as military medics.

“It was a really nice surprise that they took the time to stop off in Telford and show us the field gun” said SP Service's Managing Director Steve Bray.

“It is huge and very heavy and we are proudly supporting the team from DMS Whittington in the competition which is an amazing test of their resilience, strength and determination. The Field Gun Run really is a sight to see".

"We have been a proud supplier to our British Armed Forces for over 25 years and I've always believed that business is very much a two way relationship".

“Defence Medical Services Whittington, is the home of the Defence College of Heath Care Education & Training and the HQ of the Surgeon General. We are honoured to be involved in this prestigious and fun event. We have high hopes of them bringing home some silverware this year."

MOD paramedic Alastair Richards, from the field gun crew, thanked Steve and his company for its support. “The competition is exhilarating, gladiatorial, and like no other team building or personal development in which the team of 18 train for ten weeks. They clatter over cobbles with a field gun working with Formula One precision in front of a cheering 24,000 strong crowd.”

The annual Field Gun competition dates back to 1907 to commemorate the navy’s teamwork, leadership, moral and physical courage when they landed guns to relieve the 119 day siege of Ladysmith in the 1899 Boer War.

The “last minute” landing involved the Naval Brigade manhandling six field guns, each weighing nearly half a metric tonne, over rough terrain just in time to relieve the siege.

In a telegram, Queen Victoria said: “Pray express to the Naval Brigade my deep appreciation of the valuable services they have rendered with their guns.”

The field gun event will be staged at HMS Collingwood in Hampshire on June 3.
For ticket information please visit the
HMS Collingwood facebook page

Steve Bray - DMS Whittington Field Gun comes to Bastion House TelfordSteve said "Whatever you think this gun might weigh, you can double it, it really is a beast"

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