20 April 2017

Lack of a First Aid Kit is Costing the NHS

Lack of a First Aid Kit is Costing the NHS

According to a recent online survey, a staggering 80% of the public are not equipped to deal with minor medical emergencies in their own home, let alone when they're out and about in their cars or the great outdoors.

This not only puts them and their families at risk, but it also means that they are making thousands of unnecessary emergency visits and calls to GP's, Urgent Care Centres and Accident & Emergency Departments for relatively minor, simple to treat at home conditions such as grazes, blisters and splinters.

The NHS has ran many different campaigns over the years trying to educate and persuade the public that Accident & Emergency is just for emergencies. Sadly as most of our customers can attest to, A&Es up and down the UK are busier than ever.

Now no one is saying if you're having chest pains at home or if you're struggling to breath then a first aid kit will keep you out of A&E, in fact you should still dial 999 for an ambulance straight away. What we are saying though is that the public need to start taking responsibility to look after themselves and to be able to deal with a number of minor ailments and injuries.  The NHS on their own cannot stop people turning up at A&E with the grazes, blisters, splinters and stubbed toes.

Having a good quality and fit for purpose first aid kit could save the NHS many hundreds of thousands of Pounds, especially if individuals also take the time to attend a first aid course. Imagine that if instead of turning up to A&E, you could deal with most minor injuries yourself. Just one example is by having an Ice Pack and a Crepe Bandage in your well stocked first aid kit could mean you can treat your sprain or strain at home without having to draw upon the stretched resources of the NHS. Likewise, having a well stocked medicine cabinet should mean you have less reason to visit A&E when you've had Diarrhoea and Vomiting for less than 48 hours.

SP's Managing Director Steve Bray says "We appreciate that in order to treat some injuries, you have to be confident in making a diagnosis, and that's not always an easy skill to learn. How many patients with sprains and strains think that they may have fractured their ankle? Playing safe is probably something we are all guilty of, especially when it comes to our children. Regardless of this, people do need to stop thinking they can just go to A&E every time they've had a bump or a graze."

Never underestimate the importance of having a good quality first aid kit immediately to hand, not only can it save your life, it could save the NHS money.

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