05 March 2020

Looking for ways to spend the remainder of your financial year budget?

Looking for ways to spend the remainder of your financial year budget?

Whether your financial year ends in a couple of weeks or is tied to a different schedule, we all often have a few spare pennies left in the budget that theoretically go away when the new financial year ends. We’ve all heard of use it before you lose it, right?

This is normally the busiest time of year and there is a lot to take care of during this period, so it pays to be extra organised, if you’re lucky enough to have a little something left over, you certainly want it used well.

We are here to help! Spend now for the future…

We’ve put together a list of our top products and services to help you increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve patient care in your field with your end of year spend.


• Littmann Stethoscopes – Whether you're looking to reinvent yourself or just want a new bit of kit we've got you covered so you never feel unequipped to make a difference.

View all Littmanns here.



• Training Manikins – Realistic to the eye and touch with features such as realistic proportions, full chest rising, inflating lung bags and more. Prestan manikins raise the bar for training.

View all manikins here.



• Books - Nothing can replicate the pressure and nerves you feel when out in the field, whether you're dealing with a minor injury or a life threatening situation no one is immune to pressure. Being prepared as best you can is an absolute necessity in a difficult situation.

View all books here.


• Stock up on your essentials - SP Essential First Aid range is perfect for all the first aid supplies you need in an emergency. Supplies you need to be able to rely on daily and restock at a moment’s notice.

View all essentials here.


• Bespoke solutions for you – No project is too big or small when it comes to our custom kitting service. We have produced bespoke kits ranging from a small personal belt pouch with some basic first aid items to a range of fully kitted advanced trauma kits.

Design your custom kit today by clicking here.


If you do have some year-end spend left in your budget, we can help you ‘use it before you lose it’, find our about these and other options today by emailing or calling our office on 01925 288 999.

Customers in Ireland contact on / 021 234 9999

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