25 January 2019

National Poetry Day 2019 - Submit your poems to win an Amazon Echo!

National Poetry Day 2019 - Submit your poems to win an Amazon Echo!

National Poetry Day is an initiative set up by Forward Arts Foundation which aims to celebrate excellence in poetry and widen its audience. This year National Poetry Day will take place on Thursday 3rd October.

We love our customers and we know how talented and creative they can be, so to celebrate this year’s poetry day we’ve challenged them to write their own SP themed poem, limerick, haiku or sonnet.

Poems can be submitted to us via Facebook or email. The poem that makes us smile, laugh or even cry the most will win a brand new Amazon Echo!

As always, our followers did not disappoint! We’ve had some brilliant entries so far. Here’s a selection to enjoy, can you do better?

I hear the snap quite clearly,
I look on with dismay,
My para bag is finished,
My bag has had its day.

I know I need a new one,
An upgrade is a must,
But just who do I turn too,
What company do I trust.

I sit down at the laptop,
And scan the internet,
Looking at all the websites,
Just which one should I get.

Then I stumble on this webpage,
They have just what I need,
So many different choices,
With expert advice indeed.

What is this magic place you cry,
Just where is it to be,
Well let me tell you all my friends,
The company is called SP.

But just a word of warning,
To all who intend to buy,
That simple visit to SP,
Many hours did fly by.

Not only did a bag I get,
But some trousers and some shoes,
Some waterproof clothing,
Just so much to choose.

The delivery came quickly,
Before I had time to think,
My para bag looks shiny,
And an SP mug for drinks.

So my thanks go to all the team,
The best that I believe,
A service that cannot be beaten,
Lead by the person called Steve.

Steph Meech


SP is the best,
SP is always on a Quest,
SP is amazing in Value,
SP always Delivers to you,
SP always send you a mug,
SP gives you the shopping Bug,
SP has green bags,
SP has mean tags,
SP is based in Telford,
SP can deliver to Shelford,
SP is 30 years old,
and have many more years to be Bold.
Happy birthday SP Services!

Asa French


SP items are used every day,
SP  items are there to help your day,
SP Service are helpful,
And without their service your day might not be great.

Maggie Brown


I'd love to win an Amazon Echo,
Chat to Alexa over a glass of prosecco,
Find out the news,
Maybe play some grass roots blues,
Set an alarm for the morning ahead,
Make sure I'm up and not oversleeping in bed,
Find out the weather,
See if the traffics hell for leather all of these things to help my days,
It'd be great to test out the latest craze.

Rececca Jane Roberts


SP ran a poem comp for an echo,
I wondered what the hell I could do,
As I sat locked in the loo,
I created a rhyme or two,
And hopefully I've been lucky with my go!

Mervyn Montgomery


When ever my Ambulance is not fully kitted.
Or I want uniform that is correctly fitted,
To SP Services I go at quick speed,
To buy all the medical equipment I need,
So my patients can be swiftly treated,

Chris Hills


There was once a first aider from Hull,
Decisions over consumables he did mull,
He saw SP And thought hee hee!
This is the supplier for me.

Darren Miller

There once was a medic from Brum,
Who was infact really glum,
He clicked to SP,
And began to see,
Prices to make him happy once again.

Darren Miller

Blue Lights are on now,
Rush to the scene sirens so loud,
She wants the cat in.

Richard Ilderton


There was a Paramedic called Sam
Who was a huge SP Services fan
He'd get first aid kits and para bags just for fun
Then so as not to be outdone

Got a tattoo of Steve Bray on his... leg

 Richard Ilderton


The poetry competition is still open until September 28th to any of our wonderful followers who have a creative streak!

Poems can be sent to us via Facebook message or email ( for a chance to win a brand new Amazon Echo! Winner will be picked on October 3rd, announced via Facebook.

Thank you to all who have entered so far, and good luck!

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