26 November 2013

Rick Kendrick Is Back

Ever wonder what happened to the original Kendrick Traction Device? Or Rick himself, for that matter? Well, he’s back, bringing higher standards of quality & greater availability.

8 years ago, Rick Kendrick joined with 2 companies with the expressed purpose that they would help expand his business & market. As you may have noticed, that didn’t happen. With all his hard work sliding out of control, he realized he needed to take back control of his “baby”. And now Rick has regained control of the business.

“I am making it my personal duty to ensure a higher quality”

First & foremost, Rick promises improved availability & delivery times. On top of that, he expresses his determination to increase the quality of his products. “One of my biggest concerns coming back on board is improving the quality of our KEMS products,” Rick says. “I am making it my personal duty to ensure a higher quality in each and every piece we send out our doors”. As a sign of this commitment, he has his original patch logo placed on his highest quality products.

Rick is determined to reintroduce us to his company’s service and top market quality in his products. Overall, he wants to bring value to the relationship his company has with his customers. “It has been a long journey,” Rick muses, “but now all the kids have finally come home to KEMS”.

Steve Bray, SP's MD says "Its great to be working with Rick again, he's a true legend in EMS circles and we can't wait to be stocking all of his products"

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