12 July 2017

Rogue Traders slot on BBC Watchdog 12/07/2017

Although not directly connected with the first aid and emergency medical industry, a healthcare company in the mobility sector belonging to the same BHTA trade association as us will be appearing on tonight's BBC Watchdog TV programme at 8pm.

The story has nothing to do with SP Services or even the first aid industry but given that we are signed up members of the same Code of Practice, we felt it only right to reassure our customers that all BHTA members are bound by the same strict conditions of the Code of Practice, and anyone falling short can be taken to task by the authorities.

The BHTA's response to the Watchdog investigation can be viewed HERE

You can download a copy of the Code of Practice from the BHTA web site at

Steve Bray, SP's Managing Director said "We signed up to the Code of Practice many years ago. As vice chairman of the First Aid & Medical Equipment (FAME) section of the BHTA, I have every faith that any breach of the Code will be severly dealt with by the regulatory authorities. The programme isn't in any way connected to the first aid industry but it's a reminder to us all to remain vigilant for these bad apples."

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