22 January 2017

Run, Hide, Tell, and now Treat says Experts

citizenAID is designed to guide the public to react safely, to pass effective messages to the emergency services, to prioritise the injured and to give life-saving first aid treatment.

citizenAid supports the governments message of 'Run Hide Tell' and now provides the 'Treat' component which is essential in helping to improve survival rates of people injured in a terrorist attack. 

Avoidable deaths can occur very quickly, particularly from bleeding, with injuries from a bomb or shooting, and these events often involve multiple victims.

Military experience from treating casualties in conflict has shown how vital immediate action in these circumstances can be.

citizenAID provides advice on what to do on discovering a suspect bomb and the immediate actions to take after a bomb has exploded. Simple steps to organise the scene and pass the right information to the emergency services will improve bystander safety and ensure that those most in need are treated first.

The Head of the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO), Chief Inspector Richard Harding, says:

  • citizenAID complements our ongoing work to advise the public on how to maximise their chances of surviving a terrorist attack.
  • Experience tells us that when people are provided with straightforward information on how to plan, prepare and react to an incident, it results in more effective decision making and improves the likelihood of positive outcomes should the worst happen.
  • This is why, following the attacks in Paris 12 months ago; we published our Run, Hide, Tell message, which is available to view online.
  • By providing guidance on how to manage traumatic injuries, citizenAID will take this on to the next stage – helping people to help themselves and others, save lives and ultimately thwart the aims of the terrorists.


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