19 January 2018

SP & Brand Britain: Export Opportunities for UK Businesses

Steve Bray, Managing Director of Telford based medical equipment supplier SP Services (UK) Ltd said “In the healthcare sector, the UK has always been held in extremely high regard by customers across the globe, both for product quality and also for our industry experience and knowledge.

Our export focus is very much on the Middle East right now as that’s where we believe we can achieve the largest growth. We have found that although we regularly have to compete against other English speaking countries such as the USA and Australia, the UK has the advantage that “Made In Britain” has a value, and is a trusted brand, particularly in the Middle East, India and China.

When we speak to our customers abroad, they regularly tell us that they look to the UK as a safe place to buy from as they also know we have the product knowledge, an established quality control culture and a world-renowned legal system. It’s certainly not about being the cheapest, not only are customers willing to pay for quality, they are prepared to pay for UK quality, and everything that “Made In Britain” stands for.

We also find that the NHS is also a great badge of quality for many of our export customers, the UK’s NHS is known by healthcare professionals across the globe so if a UK company can say that they also supply the NHS then this too adds to the strength of buying from the UK.

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