19 November 2015

Terrorism, Crime and Fake Ambulances

Recent tragic events in France and on the continent highlight the importance of everyone in the emergency services being extra vigilant. In particular we would like to remind those of our customers who are involved in selling off their old ambulances or RRVs, or those in the van conversion sector that they should always question and verify who exactly they are dealing with. In our opinion, even motor traders, auction houses and sign writers also need to take note.

A stolen or second hand ambulance (or any official 999 looking vehicle) has long been known as a possible means of moving terrorists and criminals around, as well as their deadly cargos. We should all take extra care to make this as impossible as we can for those to seek to harm us all. This month there is a court case currently going on in Birmingham about a Dutch fake ambulance that was being used to move a vast amount of illegal drugs from the continent into the UK - "Dutch smuggling suspects posed as paramedics as 270 kilos of drugs found in ambulance"

As SP Services supply a wide assortment of blue warning lights, sirens, reflective vehicle markings as well as POLICE and AMBULANCE badges and hi-vis uniforms etc; we have always had a policy of restricting the sale of these items to those who have a right to properly use or purchase them. Although there is no legal requirement for us to do so, we feel it has always been our duty to 'police' these purchases. We are told by many that not every supplier does this and yes this policy has cost us lost orders in the past, but usually only from people who could not provide the necessary documentation ie Police warrant card or their CQC or Paramedic State Registration details.

We would like to remind all our customers of the importance of providing all the necessary and requested documentation when ordering the above restricted items from us. If you are an NHS Trust and the goods are being delivered to a registered Trust address then the process will be seamless, likewise for a PAS having goods delivered to their registered business address as per their CQC inspected address. If you are an individual trying to purchase eg a blue light or a POLICE badge, then we will not dispatch your order without these details as we take all of our safety and security extremely seriously. We appreciate your understanding and patience but I'm sure most people will gladly provide the requested information promptly.

Our thoughts are with all those affected by last week’s tragic events in Paris and the courageous efforts of both the Emergency Services and Military Personnel. 

A quick reminder about our Blue Light & Protected Badges Policies

Protected Badges - For Doctor, Nurse, Police, Fire, Ambulance, Medic & Paramedic badges, your registration certificate/pin/Warrant Card/GMC number etc will be required. TV & film production companies should contact us as we have separate verification arrangements for them.

Blue Lights - Restricted items such as blue beacons, covert grille lights, bar lights and sirens will only be dispatched to customers once they have provided a copy of their Emergency Services ID, Warrant Card or Proof of Right to Use from their NHS Trust or Private Ambulance Company/Organisation.

If you require any clarification or assistance on any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team.

Stay Vigilant and Stay Safe.

Kind regards

Steve Bray
Managing Director 
SP Services (UK) Ltd 


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