21 February 2018

citizenAID Launch New Tourni-Key with SP

citizenAID Launch New Tourni-Key with SP

"Someone wise said that innovation was "seeing what everyone else sees, but thinking what no-one else thinks."

The Tourni-Key from citizenAID is a simple idea. It is to provide an affordable tourniquet option for public use, by improvising with a strip of material that is commonly available - a tie, a thin scarf, a triangular bandage. Of course, you can also improvise the 'rod' to tighten an improvised tourniquet with any short piece of hard wood or metal, but the difficulty will be to secure it. The Tourni-Key is a rod that is designed to be secured. You can 'quick lock' the device with the hook, or you can 'hard lock' the device by passing the blade under the tightened material. If the hook is pointing in the wrong direction to be secured, simply flip it 180 degrees using the head of the key.

We know tourniquets are painful and some of this pain comes from skin bunching. To reduce this 'pinch' we have added an 'anti-pinch card', to slide behind the knot before tightening. We have chosen bright yellow for the device so it is easily visible when applied.

The prevailing narrative for using tourniquets still discourages their use, in case they are applied for the wrong reason. This disenfranchises the very patients who can be saved by a tourniquet, who are rapidly bleeding out after devastating limb injury. Help to change this narrative. If the rationale is to apply when there is life-threatening limb bleeding that cannot be controlled by other means, then a tourniquet can only ever do good. The alternative is an avoidable death.

Steve Bray, SP's Managing Director says "We are proud to be working with the team at citizenAID. This brand new tourniquet is really going to change how the public can deal with patients who need immediate haemorrhage control." 

citizenAID launch new life saving Tourni-Key


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