Leukoplast (Formerly BSN Coverplast)

When minor injuries occur, you need treatment that is reliable and fast. For all kinds of cuts, abrasions, lacerations or burns, Leukoplast provides a range of products for both professionals and consumers that combines reliability and easy application to ensure the best possible care.

For almost 120 years, medical practitioners and families around the world have placed their trust in the high-quality Leukoplast Wound Care products. That’s why these products are considered essential for the daily requirements of hospitals, care facilities and in the home.


Fixation – with high tension resistance and breathable material that repels dirt and moisture, Leukoplast covers all routine requirements for reliable adhesive fixation of dressings, tubes or catheters.

Dressings – high-quality first aid, surgical and sterile dressings are designed for a wide range of patient needs and provide excellent skin tolerance and an effective barrier to contamination and secondary infection.

Wound Closure – a wide choice of solutions for quick, secure closure of accidental cuts and lacerations or surgical incisions. The breathable knitted fabric provides optimal elasticity, strong adhesion and skin friendliness.

Whatever your requirements, rest assured SP Services have a product suitable for your needs. If you can't see the item you wan't, or if you need some advice, then please feel free to contact us.

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