Tourniquets have many uses, one of the main reasons they would be used for is to gain IV access for intravenous fluids or medication, these are commonly known as ‘quick release tourniquets’. Another type of tourniquet is for the control of catastrophic bleeding from major trauma injuries to limbs these are generally known as CAT tourniquets.

To gain IV access a tourniquet will be applied just above the area of cannulation this engorges the veins to the top of the skin to make it much easier to see and feel for the insertion of a cannula, there are many types such as disposable and reusable tourniquets on the market.

CAT tourniquets are used by putting the device above the injured site, the device is then tightened using the windlass rod and it is then secured in place using the rod locking clip. The CAT tourniquet is used when someone has experienced a major trauma injury or an arterial bleed; A CAT tourniquet applies large amounts of pressure to stem the blood loss.

Here at SP Services we pride ourselves in providing the best quality of tourniquets to asset in quick and easy IV access and also for the quick application of a CAT tourniquet giving the patient the best chance of survival.

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