20 Litre Kendal Waste Bin

The Kendal premium range of high specification bins have been designed specifically to suit the requirements of the modern surgery, residential, nursery care home or hospital. Each bin comes complete with a range of features and is manufactured primarily from galvanised steel to exacting specifications in the UK.

  • Pull out handle to allow easy movement
  • Hands Free -the bins are designed so that it is difficult to open them by hand, forcing the user to use the foot-operated pedal; thus minimising the risk of cross contamination
  • Silent Closing - This feature means that the lid closes quietly and slowly. An added benefit of this feature is a minimisation of the aerosol effect that can cause a spread of harmful bacteria when a traditional lid closes
  • Large Pedal - Each bin is fitted with a specially designed wide pedal, which allows the sack holder to be approached from both the front and sides
  • Rounded Corners - Wherever possible sharp edges have been removed and replaced with rounded corners
  • Rubber Feet - These are fitted to stop the bin marking the floor and leaving unsightly rust marks
  • Air Gap - This allows the free movement of air beneath the bins stopping the build up of stagnant air that could encourage the growth of bacteria
  • Six Month Warranty
  • All the bins are fully fire redardant to HTM23
  • White lid

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