3M Single-Patient Use Paediatric Stethoscope

Hear with confidence – a trusted tool for isolation.

Combining 3M’s advanced acoustic engineering with expertise in infection control to create a single-patient stethoscope with excellent performance and a comfortable design. Finally, there is a reliable option for this critical tool that can enhance patient care whilst also minimising the risk of cross-contamination.


  • Adult and Paediatric Sizes
  • Help Reduce Cross-Contamination
  • Comfort and High-Quality Sound

One patient. One stethoscope.

Patients in isolation are among the most infectious and can be vulnerable and susceptible to infection. Using a single-patient stethoscope is a recommended isolation precaution that helps lower the risk of cross-contamination. A single-patient stethoscope should be used with patients under isolation precautions, stay in the patient’s room while the patient is in isolation, and be disposed of when no longer needed.

The single-patient stethoscope you and your patients deserve.

Protecting patients from infection shouldn’t require you to compromise what you are able to hear with a stethoscope — or sacrifice your own comfort. The high-quality acoustics give you clear and reliable sound to listen effectively, while innovative features provide enhanced comfort and usability.

Remarkable acoustics, comfort and safety all in one effective tool.


  • High-quality acoustics - Clear, reliable sound helps you hear the sounds you need during patient assessments.
  • Pressure-sensitive diaphragm - Hear high- and low-frequency sounds by varying pressure on the chestpiece.
  • Comfortable headset - Enjoy the comfort of a proper fit with angled ear tubes and flexible headset that provides an excellent seal.
  • Flexible tubing - Easily move and position the chestpiece on the patient with flexible tubing.
  • Easy-grip chestpiece - Easily hold and manoeuvre the moulded chestpiece, designed to accommodate multiple hand positions.

Experience the difference for yourself!

This product is available to purchase in 2 case sizes. Please click your desired version in the drop-down menu.

  • 3M/YP1010 – 3M Single-Patient Paediatric Stethoscope - Case Of 40
  • 3M/YP1100 - 3M Single-Patient Paediatric Stethoscope - Case Of 100
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