Absorbeze Mini Urine/Vomit Pouches - Pack of 3

Absorbeze Mini Urine/Vomit Pouches pouches contain fluids safely while you are on the move. They are useful for travel sickness, or people who suffer from incontinence.

  • Absorbeze pouches gel unpleasant fluids in specially formulated pads rather than just holding them as a normal bag would
  • Vomit, urine, or other fluid can be easily and safely disposed of
  • Contains odours and prevent bacteria from spreading
  • Due to the absorption capabilities, a single pouch can gel up to 400ml of urine with no danger of leakage
  • Once full, the pouch can be closed and sealed with the adhesive tab – ready for disposal
  • No danger of spillage, odours are kept to an absolute minimum and securely retained inside the pouch along with the waste fluid
  • Feature an easy-to-use cardboard-reinforced face contoured opening for quick and simple use and self-sealing closure
  • Discreet and ideal for emergency use with children
  • Excellent for wheelchair use
  • Pack of 3

Also available in packs of 12

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