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Act+Fast Anti Choking Trainer - Child

£143.99 inc VAT
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Product code: TR/042

Made of high-quality neoprene with adjustable straps to fit children ages 5-12.

The Act+Fast Kids' Trainer is highly recommended for schools, clubs, scout troops and especially babysitters. Now every child can be safe!

Includes the Act+Fast Instructional Guide: Choking Prevention and First Aid for School Age Children by international authority: Ted T. Crites, CHES

How it works

Act+Fast In Action

  1. Pull the vest on, cinch the waist belt and drop a foam plug into the 'airway'
  2. Place your hands in the correct position, between the navel and ribcage
  3. Deliver a quick, upward Abdominal Thrust Manoeuvre (Heimlich)
  4. The Act+Fast trainer can be used standing, sitting, on the ground or even for choking self-rescue by using a counter or chair
  5. Caution: Do not use force, it is not necessary and may cause injury

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