Ambu IV Training Arm Complete

The Ambu IV Trainer is meant for training insertion of cannulas and catheters, infusion of fluids, injection of medication, blood-sampling and pulse measurement.

Realistic training equipment means more effective instruction, narrowing the gap between practice and reality and widening perception of the true-to-life experience.

Every single detail on the Ambu l.V. Trainer has been designed with absolute realism in mind: The skin and four removable blood vessels are made of natural latex, a material which provides the correct resistance, closes after penetration, and feels almost human.

The l.V Trainer articulates realistically offering wrist rotation and extension together with shoulder pivot, bringing greater realism to every working situation: Insertion of cannulas and catheters, infusion, injection of medication, blood-sampling and pulse measurement.

A wide range of useful features ensures that the Ambu I.V.  Trainer is the closest you can come to reality:

  • Movable wrist 
  • Ensures absolutely realistic training, particularly in infusion
  • Underlay serves as both a washable underlay and a protective carry case
  • Skin made of natural latex which closes after penetration
  • Enables the practice of pulse measurement
  • Three removable Veins & One Artery

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