Avon NH15 CBRN Escape Hood

The Avon CBRN emergency hood is a small lightweight, single use, non-adjustable hood with twin filter assemblies for respiratory protection against CBRN threats. It is intended to be used for a very short term emergency action, such as evacuation and escape in areas contaminated by chemical, biological radiological and nuclear (CBRN) agents.

  • Provides up to 15 mins of protection against airborne contaminants including solid and liquid respirable particles, gases and vapours and provides protection against splashes of liquid agents
  • The hood does not provide protection against smoke, fire or oxygen deficient environments.
  • Other escape hoods are bulky and cumbersome. The Avon NH15 features low-profile filters for
    reduced snagging, and reduced delay in donning. The streamlined design minimises the potential for grabbing when used in confined areas with anxious people.
  • The close fit filters combined with a self adjusting harness provide the user with increased comfort and the security of a correctly fitted hood
  • In emergency situations of heavy smoke, poor lighting and visibility conditions, the NH15 provides a clear range of vision. The reflective label on the hood allows users to be easily seen by rescue teams with emergency lighting.
  • The Avon NH15 escape hood is NIOSH & CE certified.
  • The NH15 CBRN emergency hood is supplied ready for deployment in a vacuum pack which is contained in an outer bag / pouch.
  • The bag / pouch can be carried on a utility belt or within close proximity to the user such as in a vehicle glove compartment or suitcase.
  • Weight 625g

  Challenge Concentration
Breakthrough  Time (minutes)
Hydrogen Sulfide    500 >150
Ammonia    1250 >20
Sulphur Dioxide    750 >30
Cyclohexane    1300 >35
Formaldehyde    250 >45
Hydrogen Cyanide    470 >45
Nitrogen Dioxide    100 >45
Phosphine    150 >45
Phosgene    125 >45
Cyanogen Chloride    150 >30

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