BCI Spectro2 10 Pulse Oximeter with Adult Finger Probe

The BCI SPECTRO2 10 leads the way with one of the largest displays on the market, durable construction, and easy one-handed operation. It is ideally suited for spot-checking in home care, primary care, emergency & transport settings & other clinical environments, as well as during sleep screening or walk tests

It'll even store at least 144 hours of trend data for a combination of all 99 available patient record numbers.

You can be confident of the results from the SPECTRO2 10, too. The pulse amplitude index indicator helps you identify and maintain a good test site for maximum confidence. The sensor is protected and stored in the on-board cradle which reduces damage and replacement costs. It keeps the sensor ready and available for when you need it.

The SPECTRO2 10 is compatible with all BCI sensors and uses the new BCI 20-inch sensor which prevents frustrating cable tangles.

  • Large, bright, easy-to-read LED for at-a-glance assessment
  • Unique on-board cradle to store and protect finger sensor
  • Multiple power options
  • Compatible with Docking Station, Attachable Printer, and BCI spot-check sensor
  • Pulse amplitude Index (PI)
  • Low battery indicator
  • Durable, reliable performance you expect from the BCI brand
  • Comfortable ergonomic design allows easy one-handed operation
  • Optional printer eliminates possible documentation errors
  • Stores patient data for transfer to PC for improved efficiency and documentation
  • Three-year warranty
  • Dimensions
  • 3.3W x 6.1H x 1.7D in
  • Weight – 340g including four "AA" batteries

Various pulse ox probes including resuable, ear, toe, adult, paed, child and neonate are also available. Please either click HERE to see our most popular selling products or contact Customer Services for further information

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