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BSI BS 8599-1 Workplace First Aid Kits Contents Specification

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Product code: BO/082

If you manufacture, supply or specify first aid kits for the workplace, then you'll need to know what contents should be included.

Until now, there have been few guidelines on what a first aid kit should contain. And what guidelines do exist, are out of date.

So, in an emergency, businesses can find their kits lack the essentials, or include outdated and inadequate components. And some kits currently in use are full of waste components that first aiders can't use.

The standard recommends the correct number of plasters etc for small, medium, large or travel-size kits and also recommends how many kits are needed depending on the size of the organization.

Conformity to the standard will mean that anyone using the kit, and patients, are protected from inferior first aid materials.

Compliance with this standard demonstrates that your kits are a better product and enable customers to better meet their health and safety obligations under the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines.

If you were able to make kits that perfectly fit your customers’ needs, you could sell more. If employers are able to buy kits with all the correct components, they won't have to purchase additional first aid supplies, which could reduce spend.

So, the standard is good for manufacturers and users of first aid kits.

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